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HOT-TOPIC August Update: Faction Team

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Hello, gamers,

As previously announced on the Midsummer Update, Faction Management was recently restarted with new members who managed to do a lot in the span of fewer than three weeks.

The new Faction Management successfully closed down on problematic areas in the community and set an exemplar for Roleplay standards, all while nurturing and inspiring a community of all Faction Leaders. The first steps of the new Faction Management were to collaboratively isolate means to address consecutive rule-breakers and to clear out any unresolved grudges or inconsistencies between all of the existing Factions. This led to a few bans and the closure of a few groups, but always inspired people to attempt again, and they did.

@Hades said:
After Waka's dissapearance and Dali being forced to go inactive due to real life responsibilities...

HOT-TOPIC August Update: Helper Team

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Hey everyone!

Following the server critiques provided in the inquest, we've taken a step back and gone back to the drawing board when it comes to the Helper Team. Essentially, the team is to ensure new players are sorted when they have a query or question and basic forum inquiries are covered, such as tagging the banning admin in a ban appeal. We think these tasks are being portrayed rather well and would like to see them being continued as such.

You can read a note from @Spooky below regarding these changes.

@Spooky said:
Towards the end of the month, I made the difficult decision to reset the server's Helper team, which unfortunately meant losing a number of good-hearted, longstanding staff members who had all stuck by all of us, and the server, through an often stressful period. It's not easy to make decisions like this, but we do take the feedback received about the...

HOT-TOPIC August Update: Admin Team

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Hello, gamers,

Last week and this week we've worked specifically towards improving the admin team in response to our feedback survey both in terms of activity, experience, and community courtesy. In order to improve our transparency towards the community, we will be releasing some statements about the many concerns raised by the community and what exactly we're doing about them (or going to do about them).

Professionalism and Courtesy

A common critique against the admin team is that the admin team, in some unfortunate cases, refuses to interact with the community. Reports are being taken and not handled, or handled well enough for the reporting player and some admins outright refuse to elaborate punishments or decisions to players.

We want admins to be...

HOT-TOPIC A (late) Midsummer Update: our plans and our directions

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Hello everyone,

We hope you are all enjoying your first summer without Covid-19. We highly encourage everyone to take a break from the internet and enjoy some time outside because as we all have seen recently our freedom can be taken away in the blink of an eye. It sounds crazy but for the first time in two years, we're actually able to go outside and enjoy festivals or parties! Since we (staff and players included) are mostly all enjoying ourselves, now seems to be a good time to take a step back and reflect on the server.

We've all noticed a slump in player numbers recently but as is the case with every summer, it has been expected and predicted by many older players. Covid is past, the weather is boiling, and people are going...

HELP The Starter Guide

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Welcome to the community!

This starter guide will aim to cover everything you need to know as a new player and how YOU can get started!

We're also thrilled to have you on board, welcome to the best English Roleplay SA-MP server on 0.3.DL - it's action-packed, feature-rich, and environmentally outlandish, made with love, care, and passion for the longevity and contrast of the game. We invite you wholeheartedly to take part in the same enthusiasm and help us grow!

[Table of Contents: Points of Interest - Getting Started - Affiliation - More Guides]


🏆 About Us

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Create your own chronicles in our world of great roleplay espouse coupled with an outlandish environment and an ever-growing feature-rich meta. Curated by a passionate team of volunteers. Stand behind a banner that embraces GTA as a whole, and is representative of ALL roleplay spectrums, regardless whether of legal or illegal.

Who are we
Our group is a diverse collection of like-minded individuals; a mix of old and new heads, age-old GTA lovers, developers (game & web developers), artists (mappers, modders), and front-end; experienced staff, with a most common goal and that, is to give back and put fruition to this childhood game. As such you'll notice that most of our team members are laid back and chill as per the law of attraction....

UPDATE GTA Chronicles Version 1.4.0

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This changelog covers a series of recent game mode updates including everything from version 1.2.1 to 1.4.0.

📣 Special shoutout to the Development, Environment, and Tester Teams for their extensive creating, testing, and polishing of content featured in this update.
♥️ Make sure to give them some love and credit, and without further ado, here we go:

🔗Discord: #script-changelog & #sneak-peeks

Please report any bugs from this build according to the #bug-reports ticket criteria on the support...

GTA Chronicles Version 1.2.0

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This changelog covers a series of recent game mode updates including everything from version 1.1.3 to 1.2.0.

📣 Special shoutout to the Development, Environment, and Tester Teams for their extensive creating, testing, and polishing of content featured in this update.
♥️ Make sure to give them some love and credit, and without further ado, here we go:

🔗Discord: #script-changelog & #sneak-peeks

Please report any bugs from this build according to the #bug-reports ticket criteria on the support discord....​

UPDATE Stance on factions V2

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Hello everyone,

It's been some time since we've last made a public statement and we would like to address some updates that you might not be aware of in GTA Chronicles.

First and foremost, earlier last month we held up polling in regard to the server year, in which we saw a majority of players voting in favor to the 90s/ early 2000s timeline. Indefinitely based on the vote, we have embraced this aesthetic as it is what our script and lore were originally developed on. The 90s are generalized with the current year being 1997, at the time of this video.

Secondly, we've removed the singleplayer lock, allowing for the implementation of real life factions in effort to create more freedom of craft. We believe that implementing this change allows for more roleplay and roleplayers, of which would help the server and improve knowledge of new players within said factions.

Thirdly, it's also news-worthy to mention that the UCP is near...

GTA Chronicles Version 1.1.2

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This changelog covers a series of recent game mode updates including everything from version 1.1.0 to 1.1.2.

📣 Special shoutout to the Development, Environment, and Tester Teams for their extensive creating, testing, and polishing of content featured in this update.
♥️ Make sure to give them some love and credit, and without further ado, here we go:

🔗Discord: #script-changelog & #sneak-peeks

Please report any bugs from this build...

Stance on the ingame server year

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Dear players,

After our rebrand, a lot of controversies have surrounded our server in terms of new changes made, such as the faction limitation changes, the in-game server year, and the name change as a whole.

As has been the case with every controversial situation, we take community feedback very seriously and want only the best for the server and with it ultimately the community.

Addressing concerns

A common argument is that new players refrain from joining the server for xyz reason. While we want to cater to all players, we will from this point on stop trying to win over players that show base reluctance to take us seriously (more than often inspired through incorrect assumptions or delusions).

We are very receptive towards constructive feedback and if people are not willing to show us the respect of sharing their thoughts, we will not grant them the same courtesy...

Stance on Factions (Old)

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Dear players,

After the launch of GTA Chronicles and seeing an influx of new roleplayers from previously established communities such as LS-RP, RC-RP, and GTA World, the query has been raised to give more clarity on our server theme, the server universe, and how this applies to factions.

Understanding the problem

After a thorough discussion with the current official faction leaders, we have gone over some pros and cons and reached the following conclusion:

  • People are reluctant to try out our server because they feel that GTA lore is restrictive or nooby​
  • The current factions have some stigma because of our server's history or because of the stigma generated by other servers​
  • People feel like they can't express themselves...​

INFO GTA Chronicles

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Today marks the 2-year anniversary of Singleplayer Roleplay and altogether a spiritual 15-year anniversary of SoLS. Happy Anniversary to everyone! 🥳

Singleplayer Roleplay is a server that started its development in 2019. We've come a long way in that time... starting with our developmental testing later that year, before finally opening our doors in 2020; offering a new, light roleplay experience for the SA-MP community.

Over the past two years, as new players and factions have arrived and established themselves, our community has naturally evolved into a heavier roleplay environment. Changes to the development of the server to reflect this started all the way back in Summer 2021 with the transition to proper RP character names and have continued ever since with massive improvements across the board to our server's script, factions, and environment...

UPDATE The Civilian Hotspot

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The Civilian Hotspot is a legal-themed map update aimed at creating a civilian platform with the sole purpose of sprouting civilian and legal roleplay and helping improve that aspect of the server. It houses various standard map favorites along with a new Mall & Newbie Hotel. All of these entities combined are there to create the heart of the civilian hotspot, which to give you more insight we've explained in the map below:

Most of these places are already known safezones which add to the intended feel of the place.

Mall ➼ to act as a hotspot for legal vendors, businesses, and for...​

UPDATE The Prison Update

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Disclaimer: do note that the content displayed in this article may or may not be changed in the final product, such as lighting or placement.

This article aims to give you an insight in regards to the much anticipated Prison Update, we hope that you find this intriguing and show support to the teams behind the works.

This update has been one of the most asked features on the server, with hundreds of; suggestions, ideas, speculation, and discussion and it all leads to here and now. It's finally arriving and here's what you can expect along with before and after comparison shots and some behind-the-scenes trivia/ development time that went into it.

Series of Prison Suggestions

READ How To Play

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Here are informative sources to grasp over and learn that'll help you in your gameplay on the server.

🔗 Server Information - The Starter Guide - Register an Account
You need a passed UCP application to play on the server.

Beginners Roleplay Guide

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Welcome to the Beginners Roleplay Guide!

This guide is intended for novice players that come from different communities, platforms, or just players who are starting up. In this guide, you'll learn the basics of roleplay, its commands, some portrayal, and more. We intend to give other veteran players the chance to also chime in and send us their suggestions to expand on this archive of learning resources available directly to YOU.

Without further ado, let's start! ;)

🗺️ (A) Common Courtesy

I. What is roleplay & what's the point?

Roleplaying is the portrayal of a person or...

Celebrating the 14th Anniversary

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Today marks the 1-year anniversary of Singleplayer Roleplay and altogether a spiritual 14-year anniversary of SoLS. Fourteen years ago on this day, the server was given birth; the people, the conditions were different, the community might've been smaller but the footprint left a trail that the community always picked up on and continued. This Icon built momentum for a decade-old game of GTA SA by integrating the singleplayer concept into a form of roleplay, giving players the witts of might in this aesthetic 90s world.

This generation of the server without a doubt has made efforts to be the most advanced and forthcoming from all of its priors, ameliorating our concept all while retaining classic values, here's to many more years to come!
🥳 🎂



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Author: @Janichar (original), @Ryhes , @Reyo (remaster).
Date: 06/02/2021

Page Legend: Overview | Location | Points of Interest


Alhambra is located in the heart of South Central, Los Santos. It's a centerpiece that was once a massive chunk of far too little use. Now, it's remastered into a flourishing area with fewer more places to roleplay, a bigger scenery to take in and experience. Serving as a hotspot for thriving roleplay and giving off an authentic Los Angeles vibe.​


TOOL Custom Minimap Mod

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Our server has a variety of new innovative changes to the map, introducing never-before-seen areas to life, ranging from roads to buildings, parks, pools, and more. Using our community-made mod, players can fuse together what they see & feel, making things a tiny bit more 'official'.

This mod is optional and recommended for vanilla users, strictly made for use on GTA Chronicles mimicking actual implementations of new maps so that players who use it can transcend smoothly with their gameplay.

This minimap mod will be updated regularly with each new version outlining what new areas get added to it. Enjoy!
This mod also plans to fix certain Rockstar map irregularities and faults.