Content Update 4

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⭐ Feature Additions
- Anticheat code for clientside weapon spoofing (mitigation)
- Gym Script from V2 (first iteration)
-- Food and drinks you consume now have a direct effect on your physique
-- Hit the gym, lose weight and get muscle to unlock fightstyles
-- Fightstyles give you more melee damage and melee damage reduction
-- Beach gym added, LS gym interior added, LV gym interior added
-- All gyms added to /gps, and one placed at every hotspot
-- View gym stats by doing C+W also shows all the hud elements. (like singleplayer)
- Fuel System from V2 (first iteration)
-- Using special sprites from GTA:CW that feel very immersive for our game
-- Fuel pumps can now be created dynamically. 3 types from GTA universe
-- Fuel pumps are attached to stations, which can be owned by players
-- Fixed dodgy fuel cap issues; now you go to a pump in your car and its self...


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Author: @Janichar (original), @Ryhes , @Reyo (remaster).
Date: 06/02/2021

Page Legend: Overview | Location | Points of Interest


Alhambra is located in the heart of South Central, Los Santos. It's a centerpiece that was once a massive chunk of far too little use. Now, it's remastered into a flourishing area with fewer more places to roleplay, a bigger scenery to take in and experience. Serving as a hotspot for thriving roleplay and giving off an authentic Los Angeles vibe.​