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Here are informative sources to grasp over and learn that'll help you in your gameplay on the server.

🔗 Server Information - The Starter Guide - Register an Account
You need a passed UCP application to play on the server.
The Roleplay Guide is intended for novice players and teaches you the basics of roleplay, commands, portrayal, and more. Recommended for beginners.The Server Lore explains the elemental theme in our world and gives you an insight into our year, characters, map, and others.The Server Rules are detrimental to a smooth and fair experience with limits, do's, and don'ts. Extra text to stretch out the table.The Server Insights is a preview of the server's dev and map features and acts as a manual of use. Extra text to stretch out the table.

These are all things you need to acquire before playing.

GTA San Andreas
Firstly, you'll need to have a clean copy of GTA San Andreas for PC version 1.0. You can purchase the game from Steam, the Rockstar Games Launcher, or find other alternative ways to obtain the game.

San Andreas Downgrader
Secondly, if your GTA San Andreas copy is a higher version than 1.0 you can easily downgrade it using the San Andreas Downgrader. Follow the video tutorial for more.
NOTE: Be aware that the additional mod options in the downgrader are completely optional and that some may affect your game negatively.
San Andreas Multiplayer
Thirdly, we need to download and install SA-MP 0.3.DL into our GTA San Andreas folder. The download link is available by clicking here.

Server Cache Files
Lastly, this is optional and a prep-up to everything, we can download and preload the server cache files into our game without waiting for the download in-game. These files are all the custom assets for the server.


We first have to open the SA-MP Client and add a name for our account, this will be our master account name. You can do this by filling in the "Name" box top-center of your screen.​

To connect to the server we must add the IP to the SA-MP server browser tab in Favorites. You can do this by navigating to the orange tick box (top left) and pasting in the server IP address. You can find the Game Server details by clicking here.

To start playing the server you must connect to it via the green play box (top left) or by right-clicking on the server and then clicking Connect.​

The videos also includes captions from the steps explained.
Steps Explained
  1. In the first dialog box, we have to create a password to register our master account.
  2. In the second dialog box, we can create our first character by inserting a character name. Our character must have a first name followed by a last name and they should be split up using an underscore. (Example: John_Smith)
  3. In the next scene, we can see our character halfway created, we can now choose to spawn as them by clicking on the Spawn button.
  4. We can then select the race and gender for our character from the dialog boxes respectively.
  5. Once that's done we're off to do the server tutorial which guides us through a basic introduction of the server.
  6. After we're done we have to choose a spawn location for our character's arrival on the server. Click on any of the locations and then select Spawn.
  7. Now we spawn in and recap on our character completion, we can click Continue.
  8. That's it you are done! Welcome and enjoy your play!

You may use the following outlets as an outreach for community help if you run into problems.

New to SA-MP? Here's some things you can learn to quickly get settled within the game!

Chat Keys:
T button on your keyboard
F6 button on your keyboard
` button on your keyboard usually underneath ESC.
All options apply, pick whichever you're most comfortable with.

Vehicle Keys:
G button to enter the vehicle as a passenger.
F/ENTER buttons to enter the vehicle as a driver.
H/TAB buttons to drive-by as a passenger.
2/NUMPAD buttons to jump your car when you have hydralics.
These are used for vehicles, the most common ones.

Common Server Commands:
/ask - allows you to ask a question from the Helper Team
/report - allows you to report an issue to the Admin Team
These are used to seek help and assistance.

/b - allows you to use the local OOC chat (only those in your vicinity will be able to see it)
/pm - allows you to private message somebody else
These are used for going in your head/ out of character purposes.

/pay - allows you to pay a sum of money to another person
/licenses - allows you to show another player your driving license.
/anims - allows you to see a list of emotes
These are common for roleplay interactions.

/help - shows you a list of server commands
/propertyhelp - shows you a list of property/ house related commands
/carhelp - shows you a list of car/ vehicle related commands
/settings - shows you a list of toggables
These are common server help commands.

SA-MP Commands:
/fpslimit (20-90) - sets the maximum FPS for your SA-MP client
/mem - shows the current amount of memory usage
/nametagstatus - turns the pause label on/off on other people's names
/interior - shows your current interior ID
/audiomsg - toggle the message disclaimer for audio being streamed
/pagesize - used to change your chat page size.
/pagefont - used to change your chat font size.
Most of these are extras although some you will find handy.

SA-MP Game Keys:
F1 - Displays the in-game help menu
F4 - Allows you to reselect a character (on death)
F5 - Shows the network data (eg: bandwidth usage)
F7 - Shows/hides the chat window (Pressed twice toggles the HUD removal)
F8 - Takes a screenshot
F9 - Shows/hides the "death" window
F10 - Hides the HUD (while held)
TAB - Shows the list of players and your ID and nick and scores (always on top is yours)
Most of these are extras although some you will find handy.
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