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GTA Chronicles is an English text-based heavy roleplay community for San Andreas Multiplayer (SA-MP). Featuring a world of great roleplay espouse coupled with an outlandish environment, and an ever-growing feature-rich meta that extends throughout the city and the county. Curated to you by a passionate team of volunteers with years of development experience. Stand behind a banner that defines, pioneers, and thrives on as the last stronghold of SA-MP roleplay.

The anniversary day is February 14th, having launched in 2020, and rebranded in 2022 on the same day.

Who are we
Our group is a diverse collection of like-minded individuals; a mix of old and new heads, age-old GTA lovers, developers (game & web developers), artists (mappers, modders), and front-end; experienced staff, with a most common goal and that, is to give back and put fruition to this childhood game. As such you'll notice that most of our team members are laid back and chill as per the law of attraction.

What's our stance; roleplay, vision, ideas
Our stance for the server is to create an ethic of roleplay espouse, whilst, our vision is a focus on continuously enhancing the build of the server; creating a feature-rich meta alongside outlandish environments to further the look and feel of our server.

🚀Our Mission
Our current mission at the time of writing (2022 Q4) is migrating the framework to our new game mode upgrade where we can provide a more stable, and feature-rich gameplay environment for all of our players to enjoy.

⚙️Our Services
Try out these community-catered services and tools to help improve your play on the server!
Custom Minimap, Roleplay Guides, Server Guides.

🌟Get Involved
Become a voluntary contributor and take part in whichever subteam fits you!
Staff Team, Dev Team, Env Team, Media Team, Faction Team.

ℹ️ Contributors play a role in how the server evolves through their work ethic, if you have a passion to commit, start by reaching out to the team leaders for the team you're most interested in.
⏬ Scroll below to follow up on our Navigation Map and find out good-to-know points of contacts, and sites to easily navigate across our platforms.

Last Updated: 05/10/2022


📑Navigation Map
Updated: 06/11/2022

Points of Contact The point of contact list consists of teams and their corresponding go-to members. If you want to ask questions about something but are unsure, you can use the list below to guide you on who to message for what inquiry.

Head of Staff

Head of Helpers

Head of Factions

Faction Management
Click here

Head of Property

Development Team

Head of Testers

Environment Team

Media Team

Affiliate Program

Site Map The sitemap is a collection of recommended GTA Chronicles forum, support, and service-related sites to help you easily navigate across our platforms.

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