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Welcome to the community!

This starter guide will aim to cover everything you need to know as a new player and how YOU can get started!

We're also thrilled to have you on board, welcome to the best English Roleplay SA-MP server on 0.3.DL - it's action-packed, feature-rich, and environmentally outlandish, made with love, care, and passion for the longevity and contrast of the game. We invite you wholeheartedly to take part in the same enthusiasm and help us grow!

[Table of Contents: Points of Interest - Getting Started - Affiliation - More Guides]

Learn About The Server including its stance, vision, ideas, and the services it provides as well as how you can get involved if you wish to contribute.
The How To Play thread runs you through everything you need to know before you start playing and how to actually get the game, connect and start.
The Support Discord is an outlet containing a plethora of support services that are accessible through the #support-index tab.
The Roleplay Guide is intended for novice players and teaches you the basics of roleplay, commands, portrayal, and more. Recommended for beginners.
The Server Lore explains the elemental theme in our world and gives you an insight into our year, characters, map, and others.
The Server Rules are detrimental to a smooth and fair experience with limits, do's, and don'ts. Extra text to stretch out the table.
The Server Insights is a preview of the server's dev and map features and acts as a manual of use. Extra text to stretch out the table.

Debut on the server!

The first thing to do is register an account, this video here shows you exactly how to do that. It's important that you don't rush the tutorial, and instead read up about the server's features to learn something more. Upon choosing a spawn location, you're taking your first step - let's begin!

A. Character Focus

First and foremost, we are a roleplay server so your first priority should be your character. Here's what you can do:

1. Visit a Clothing Store and change your outfit to a skin that meets your character appearance.

➼ View Guides: Clothing & Accessories.

2. Establish your character in Los Santos in the 90s and what goals you want to achieve. Have a look at other Character Stories for inspiration.

3. Common hotspots around the city exist to immerse yourself and also find other new players to hang out with.
These locations include Pizza Stacks, The Mall, The Casino, Unity Station, amongst others.

🗺️ [GPS]: You'll have to learn to navigate a lot as a new player, you can ask for directions from other players or staff but you should learn to use /gps as you'll be using it a lot throughout this guide.

B. Gathering of Essentials

You should then embark on gathering some essentials like a phone, house, or car. We've outlined ways you can do this:
You can buy a phone from an Electronics Store found in various different locations around the map, see /gps for reference.

This store also sells pagers which are a great way to stay in communication with one or more players simultaneously. Just walk into the store (/enter) and use /buy at the counter - you navigate the item(s) you want to purchase using your cursor.

➼ View Guides: Phone, Pager.
You can find properties all over the map, some are available to rent, others to buy, however, most are probably bought out.

To combat this we auction inactive properties regularly to free up slots for new players - you can tell if a property is inactive by typing /propertyactive at the door. And if you find a property without a buy-marker you can request it via /report.

It's also recommended that you visit one of the newbie hotels and reside there until no longer needed. The newbie hotels offer an unavoidably affordable and cozy home to new players.

In an owned property you can: furnish your interior, store assets, choose to spawn there, and more.

View Guides: Properties, Furniture.
There are two types of transport available; bus stops and personal vehicles. You'll notice that there are various local bus stops over the map, these take you to other stops of your choice.

  • For cars, you can buy them from different dealerships - our vehicles are categorized by type but your go-to should be the Budget Dealership, use /gps for reference.
  • You don't want to be caught driving without a license so purchase one from the DMV (Department of Motor vehicles) for safekeeping.

➼ View Guides: Vehicle System, Bus Stops.

To protect your character's safety and others, you should report crimes to the police using /call 911 or by acquiring a legal firearm. And if your character has a different life path then find and coerce illegal factions and purchase weapons from them.

➼ View Guides: Illegal Roleplay Interactions, Legal Firearms.
C. Earning Money
To get around the server you'll also need to start earning money, you can do this through scripted jobs or illegal jobs.

The scripted jobs available include trucking, dockworking, and garbageman, to learn more refer to the guides. Apart from just jobs, you can earn money legally through gambling at the casino or participating in pool, dice, and basketball tournaments set up by real players regularly.

View Guides: Working Legally, Basketball Minigame, Pool Minigame.

The illegal methods of earning money include car theft, illegal gambling, store theft, drug selling, and more. You'll have to explore these methods on your own through roleplay, we advise you to learn the ins and outs by studying the function in the streets of Los Santos.

➼ View Guides: Car Theft, Store Theft.

D. Exploration & Settlement
After all this, you have an objective to immerse yourself in our world and explore the map.

We've remastered 70% of the city introducing totally new areas, bringing old areas to life, and overall enhancing and expanding the diversity of the classic map.
List of map features you should explore.

You'd want to settle down somewhere too, you can do this through factions. There's plenty of roleplay groups on the server that can take you under their wing and teach you the ropes over time.
List of factions to skim through.

Integrate into the community!

  • Starting to affiliate with the server is one step closer to integrating into the community, we encourage you as a new player to get involved and introduce yourself via the Meet The Communitytab. Where other players can meet & greet, and get to know you.
  • Additionally, if you possess a creative profile you can show off your skills via the Member's Showcasetab and gain new exposure for your content and connect more with the community while at it.
  • Whilst, joining into server conversations/votes via either the Community Board or Discord tabs improves your involvement and increases your chance to have a say in a particular server-related topic. Also, using the Suggestionstab you may engage in other players' ideas or spring up your own that you think could help the server.
  • We also encourage peer-to-peer support, if you've learned something from this starter guide - let your peers know about it and help each other out. We will always have staff available to support you, however, it should also be your courtesy to collaborate with others and help where needed. This is also a definitive way to reach a Verified status on Discord.
  • Get involved with the server if you feel inclined to further help and become a voluntary contributor taking part in the server's many subteams, read more about it via the About Our Teams tab.

Here is a list of Server Guides, made by our community members, that you might find useful.​

This concludes our guide, catch you in-game, thank you for reading!

🚀 Require more help? We got you covered, head on over to either the Forum Questions or Discord Questions tab for help on your issue respectively.

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