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HOT-TOPIC August Update: Admin Team

Hello, gamers,

Last week and this week we've worked specifically towards improving the admin team in response to our feedback survey both in terms of activity, experience, and community courtesy. In order to improve our transparency towards the community, we will be releasing some statements about the many concerns raised by the community and what exactly we're doing about them (or going to do about them).

Professionalism and Courtesy

A common critique against the admin team is that the admin team, in some unfortunate cases, refuses to interact with the community. Reports are being taken and not handled, or handled well enough for the reporting player and some admins outright refuse to elaborate punishments or decisions to players.

We want admins to be receptive towards players, more notably when explaining a punishment or decision rather than outright blocking PMs. However, players that go out of their way to go back and forth with an admin in-game (when this admin has other situations/reports to handle) are detrimental to the efficiency we want to provide with our admin team and should get their PMs blocked after sufficient information regarding punishment or a decision has been given.

We will also want admins to be more transparent when dealing with reports. Some situations simply can not be solved in-game, mostly due to lack of admin coverage, and should be directed to the forums or the support Discord. While this is certainly frustrating for some players, it's currently the only way to make sure it actually gets dealt with. We've also already made changes to the Helper team so that Senior Helpers+ are able to help out with small reports that don't involve a Player vs Player interaction, for example, if your vehicle is stuck or you need someone who crashed teleported to you.

[Staff Reports]
A delicate concern raised was that staff reports more than often rule out in the favor of the administrator. The management team does not want to give off the impression that there is bias at all. The notion of handling staff reports has always been to resolve the situation for both parties (the player vs the admin) rather than outright punishing admins. In the future however as we continue to strive for higher standards and a more stable staff team, we will start taking several factors into account:
  • The situation concerning the report and whether it's a valid subject
  • The reported admin's rank, experience, and their behavior
  • The player, their server history, and their behavior
  • An emphasis on a solution for both the reported player and the reported admin
  • Transparent sanctions and a more clear "Here's what we're going to do" elaboration

@Spooky said:
Let's just say first of all, most players will go their entire time on the server without ever feeling the need to make a complaint about a staff member, and while this is great, there's also plenty of situations where making a staff complaint could be necessary. This is fine, and it's important that staff members can be held accountable and that their decisions (often made by just one person in real time) can be challenged.

For a bit of explanation about how the process currently works, we (the managers) handle staff complaints on a fairly ad-hoc basis, meaning that Reyo might handle one complaint, me the next, and Ruskie the third. There's no one person that deals exclusively with them, which can create a little inconsistency but balances out by ensuring that no one person carries the whole burden, thereby helping to filter out any accidental bias that will arise as the result of the same person handling every complaint, no matter what.

At the moment, this is quite an informal process, done over Discord and in private (and we'd like to keep it that way, to an extent) as it encourages more frank conversation between the players and the managers, and allows evidence and such to be shared easily in real time. One thing that we need to do better is formalizing the process on our end (e.g. writing it down, and having a set procedure that should be followed when handling a complaint), and likewise we're also going to ensure that a second opinion is given on all staff complaints by another manager before any conclusions are reached.

With that being said, we don't consider staff complaints as a mechanism for "punishment" like some other communities might - they're not. Our staff members are all volunteers, who are passionate about the server, and are just doing their best to help. Most cases can be really subjective and often there's not a simple "right or wrong" answer, because there's merit to be found across the board. Instead, our priority is to promote understanding of the merits of each perspective and propose a fair conclusion which helps to resolve the situation at hand.

Importantly though, and this should be stressed: when there's something that's obviously a serious problem, we're always prepared to take decisive action.
There's absolutely no place on our staff team for anyone who is corrupt, and we will (and have) ruthlessly cast aside staff members who make corrupt decisions with wrongful intention.

Usually this isn't the case, though, and without staff members who were prepared to make decisions in a decisive manner, we would not have a server.
The worst kind of leader isn't one who makes bad decisions, it's one who makes no decisions at all.

Admin Team Changes

We're in the middle of making the biggest changes to the server's admin team since our transition to GTAC earlier this year, with a focus on bringing in outside expertise and perspective. You can find a simple list of who's joined and left below, along with introductions from our new hires.

Admin Team Additions (August):
  • Blurem
  • Dali
  • Fizzle
  • Rockstar
  • Slipky
  • VaudeVillian
Admin Team Departures (August):
  • Bei
  • House
  • Liar7
  • Omni

@Spooky said:
This is something that collectively, we've all put a lot of effort into. In December of last year, our server's growth was such that the decisions, particularly about staffing, had to be made at a rapid pace too. This growth did the server a lot of good, and it's the momentum of this which still pushes our server forwards and keeps it popular, busy and engaging today. It was also seriously freaking challenging, for all of us, and a lot of disorganization resulted from it.

You have to remember that we went from a server loosely based on singleplayer gangs (an RPG) to SAMP's flagship English roleplay server, in about six months, and those things are two worlds apart. It's been a busy, challenging time for all of us, and different people have come and gone (including from management) as the stress of this has caught up with all of us at one point or another.

Now that the craziness of the combined heatwave and exam season looks to be settling, we're in a better position to make more fundamental changes to the server (and particularly to how it's staffed) and you'll see much of this immediately as we take quite decisive action to address some key criticism.

On an important note, we all owe a great deal of gratitude to the Admins who are departing this month. Being an Admin isn't an easy task at all, it's a real challenge, and it's something that is always taken for granted on any server. Regardless of any perceived faults or disagreements, all of our staff are real people who are passionate about the server, and who volunteer their time to do the best they can for it - quite commonly with little thanks or appreciation in return.

@Ruskie said:
We're constantly trying to improve our staff team so a natural step was bringing experienced admins from other communities that can help us build a solid core team with a long-term oriented vision. This will help us elevate the roleplay standards across the board, as well as ensure the newer staff members will be trained and groomed in an adequate environment. We've also revised and updated the admin handbook to aid with this process. Without further ado, meet the new staff members:

@Blurem said:
Hello, I'm blur, previously known as Blurem. You might have known me as the staff member from other (previous) SA-MP communities such as Los Santos Roleplay or Southland Roleplay. I first joined GTA: Chronicles back in July 2021 in hopes of finding shelter to my roleplay, and as of right now I'm part of the administrator team assisting with making this place a better one!
@Dali said:
Hey, my name is Dali. I used to be a Tester-Admin on LS:RP, and most of my experience on SAMP revolves around illegal factions; I have been part of LS:RP's Faction Management for over four years, and have filled the role of lead faction administrator on other smaller projects such as WC:RP and US:RP. I have also filled the role of HOIF on GTA:C formerly and helped, along with my colleagues, re-work the outdated SOLS ROE and steer the illegal faction scene in the right direction.
@Fizzle said:
Hey, I'm fizzle. I'm from a little country in South America called Chile. I'm a former RCRP lead administrator and mostly orient around the faction scheme, although I partook on a short-lived community relations team. You'll mostly find me ingame roleplaying with the LSSD. It's a pleasure to take part of GTA: Chronicles' admin team and come closer to the community as a whole.
@Rockstar said:
Hi, names Alex but everybody online knows me as Rockstar. Im 23 years old born in the United States but more then half my life been living in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Ive started playing samp at around 2011, mostly on different cringe freeroam servers and whatnot. Started roleplay servers and proper stuff at around 2013 early '14. Mostly resided within one of the more famous ones Red County Roleplay. Ive hopped on then sols train in late 2021. Theres been a couple of ups and down, been an admin then dropped out due to being unable to play and keep up with activity. The main thing is that im back to this awesome community to contribute and remain with all of my will, see you in game!
@Slipky said:
Slipky, 26 in September, from Israel. Been roleplaying since 2012 on MT-Gaming (shout out to the homies, RIP MTG), then I've been in LSRP and RCRP - Being a head admin there from June 2020 to May 2021 when I left the server. Been leading a few official factions on RCRP and MT-Gaming, and a HC member of Califano Crime Family here on GTA:C. Part of the faction team pretty much since I joined, or a bit later. Huge fan of La Cosa Nostra roleplay and I take it as my specialization. Outside of roleplay, I brew my own beer at home, I love football (both NFL and "soccer") and I'm a huge history fan.
@VaudeVillian said:
I'm VaudeVillain, your typical big fat American. I've been roleplaying on SAMP for the better part of the last seven years. During that time I have roleplayed just about everything but I'm probably most known for my roleplay in organized crime factions. In addition to now being an admin on the server, I'm also one of the heads of Illegal factions. I'm excited to be apart of the team and see where we all can take this server in the future.

Closing Note

On an ending note, I want you all to know that we're actively trying to make things better. One of our largest problems this summer was admin coverage which resulted in sloppy report handling, a distinct lack of admins online, and a lack of efficiency. We hope our new admin hires (with all of them having an extensive background and experience) will be able to solve this problem. The concerns detailing player courtesy, reports, and staff reports are also in effect as of now.

We encourage you guys that even though it is a bit of work - if you see any admin that you feel isn't being courteous or going out of their way to thwart your experience - to make a staff report detailing your personal feedback and experience so we can try to solve things cordially. However, in order to make sure staff reports are handled swiftly, please make sure it is a valid report and has some foundation.

Thanks and goodbye,
Hades, Reyo, Ruskie, Spooky
GTA-C Management
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I'm VaudeVillain, your typical big fat American. I've been roleplaying on SAMP for the better part of the last seven years. During that time I have roleplayed just about everything but I'm probably most known for my roleplay in organized crime factions. In addition to now being an admin on the server, I'm also one of the heads of Illegal factions. I'm excited to be apart of the team and see where we all can take this server in the future.