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ABOUT August Update: Development Frequently Asked Questions

Hello gamers,

The hyped development announcement is finally out and we're getting overwhelmed by feedback. I think a lot of the questions are valid and it's reassuring for me personally that we've already taken steps to address most of these things.

Below I'll be answering some of the more frequently asked questions (and will update this thread with additional questions) detailing the change mentioned in this thread:

Are we changing into RC-RP?

No, we will stay GTA Chronicles, however we're adopting their original codebase as it solves a lot of catching up and problems we are currently facing in the development team.

Consider it a new, stable script with less bugs, more features (all GTA-C systems are being ported over) and a lot more time for devs to add your suggestions!

Are we moving to Open.MP

Yes - we are very keen to move to Open MP as it allows us to develop content for a platform that's actually being ran by active and passionate individuals.

0.3DL has definitely showed it's flaws and restrictions and any improvement to the current platform (in terms of bug fixes, new content and a community that isn't dead) is a step up.

We are patiently waiting for their 0.3DL release which should be on it's way.

Is the IP address changing

At this point in time, the IP address is not changing. Not that it matters though, since we're always adding a hotlink ( to the IP address.

In the event that it does change, it will be for better infrastructure but at this point in time our current infrastructure handles the load fine.

I have been looking into potential alternatives (single core machines) in the event we somehow start seeing issues but until that happens there's no need for us to change anything on this end.

Are we keeping our accounts / characters

We are keeping all GTA-C accounts in tact, including your characters.

You don't need to worry about losing them.

Are old RC-RP accounts gonna stay

This is something still on the drawing board (what to keep, what not to keep) but the possibility is definitely there. We're at a point where we're confident in our ability to merge both of the databases.

In the event of conflicts, users specifically affected will be consulted appropriately (I'm thinking duplicate names of some sort).

When we're sure about our approach here, we will make another announcement detailing the information relevant to the situation. But in theory: we want to merge as much content as possible so every player (GTA-C or RC-RP) keeps their stuff.

Will the forums change

We're looking at changing the forum theme into a more formal but similar style as we have right now. Our website is also being redrawn by our Front End developer @rusu and it's looking fabulous. If it changes at all, it will be to fit the uniform style transformation our UCP will receive.

It's however important to mention that we will keep all posts, all users, and basically all data. Except from the attachment change coming soon (which is made to preserve the forum's health) nothing else will change other than aesthetic differences.

Are we keeping our skins

The skin system is a system that's definitely drawn a lot of people in and for that reason we will not remove it. We will, however, go through old unused skins and wipe them in an attempt to downscale the cache size. People that paid for their skins do not have to worry and in the event your skin gets "disabled" you can always get it readded free of charge.

Pretty much the same steps we've already been taking to clean the cache: only there are still a load of skins owned that weren't paid for with Patreon money. We're still investigating whether to remove them or not but at this point in time we've got no real plans to change the skin system and in the event that you lose your skin you will be adequately refunded.

What will the timeline (server year) be

EDIT: Since people can't read, I've deleted this paragraph.

To elaborate: it's too soon to say anything concrete about this subject.

Are we moving to the county?

No, the main server location will always be Los Santos.

We are keeping Red County's maps and properties though, so essentially you could move to the County and find content there.

We have plans to expand the server location to the county (so LS + RC) but this will only be really possible if the playerbase grows in size (300-400s). For this to really work we would need factions that base themselves explicitly in the county.

I've approached a bunch of faction leaders ahead of the big announcement and the support is not there at this point in time.

Are we losing our drugs/guns/houses/cash

We are merging a large chunk of both servers. It's too early to fully touch on what we're keeping but we'll try to keep as much data from both servers.

You will guaranteed be able to keep the following:
- Accounts
- Characters
- Properties (properties, houses, furniture)
- Finances (money,bank,savings,paycheck)
- Criminal records
- Admin records
- Anything else applicable (still working this out)

This means that other information such as, i.e. your guns, drugs, ... will be wiped.

The main reason that we're not porting over everything is simply because the systems on RCRP are a lot more advanced and vastly different to the ones on GTA-C. A merge would in theory be possible but either one of the servers would be missing adequate information to make it function well.

The drug economy on GTA-C is completely inflated and the gun economy is as well. It is however important to note that for everything lost, you will be automatically and adequately refunded if applicable. The vehicle system on GTA-C also serves no purpose other than to transport you. RC-RP's vehicle system is vastly more elaborate. We're not sure yet if there's a point in porting these entities over.

For these reasons we've decided to start entirely from scratch as we will be getting new systems for both respectively and with the new faction team and the new faction perk system the new influx of these systems can be controlled properly without generating the monopoly we suffered from before.

What's the point in playing right now if everything will be reset

Not everything will be "reset" and in the event of a wipe, you will be refunded appropriately.

You will keep your money, accounts, characters, furniture, properties, ....

The only thing that will be reset are things such as drugs and guns which I think most people would agree is the right move, as porting over systems of which the economy is inflated would be counter beneficial especially since we're getting new systems to accomodate for this.

There is no reason to stop playing, doing jobs or enjoying yourself.

Will the economy change

We're going to merge GTA-C and RC-RP's economy. At this point, we're simply too early in the progression to properly encapsulate what we're going to do but the basic gist is that we're going to create a system that balances both economies into a new entity.

To explain it simply: your monetary values might be different when you log on the new server. They will be equivalent to your original wealth though, but "transformed" to fit the new economy.

In theory you don't lose anything, the numbers are just squished.

RC-RP Properties and Furniture

We're keeping all RC-RP's properties and furniture. We are also keeping GTA-C's properties and furniture. Nobody will lose anything and in the event of conflicting data, the parties involved will be contacted to resolve the issues.
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